We like to create a movement through which people can connect to exchange stories and skills, and gain new knowledge.


As five international students we came together to discuss the impacts of globalisation on design.

In a workshop conducted at HyperWerk Institute we thought about cultures and the commonalities between them.

Through our discussion we became aware of the need to disrupt our reliance on technology, as a means of communication, in order to foster conversations about local culture and craft.


  • Think about what you want to learn, or get help with.
  • Think about what you can teach or help with.
  • Share your insights and experiences.
  • Keep growing the movement.
  • Have fun and be open.


Is your entrance already dotted?

We are in – whats about you?

Finaly there is a way to share your experiences offline 🙂

Our first wearable prototypes of the movement!


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This templates will help you to get started. You can produce your own booklet, wearables or create a unique designs based on the templates which are already here.

The end format is A5. Therefore two pages can be printed per sheet (duplex). Here you will find a basic instruction how to print a booklet with Adobe Acrobat Reader.

This template is made to be printed on an adhesive foil. Please contact your local print shop in order to start your own production.